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What is the Oxyhydrogen Generator and the Advantages

May 16th, 2016

HHO gas generators are easy and safe to operate, most with CE certificate and appearance patent. Available with different gas flows from 55 to 450L/H, different flame power from comparatively weak to super strong for intensive operation. Whether you are individual users or factory level users, for different work pieces, you can choose related HHO gas water hydrogen welder polisher. As for the very thin acrylic, please don't use bigger fire.

HHO gas generators

Oxy-hydrogen generator is also called brown gas generator, Acrylic Polishing Machine, Water Welding Machine, or HHO gas generator, which is able to separate clean soft water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen gases, using a small amount of electric power through water electrolysis. These gases are then mixed and delivered for wide use, such as welding, flame polishing, heating etc to replace use of LPG or other gas for fuel.

For welding, it featured low cost, welding fact, safety and low energy consumption. Can be used for following area:

Oxy-hydrogen generator

1. Polishing and Sealing

a. Acrylic polishing

b. Glass tube sealing, quartz glass tube sealing-glass ampoule sealing

c. Ampoule bottles sealing

d. Water injection drawing sealing

e. Mould repair, quenching, crucible heating melting metal

f. Solar wafer processing, IC packaging

2. Welding and Brazing

a. Jewelry Industry:

For welding kinds of chain and string made of platinum, gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, etc.

For mending tiny sand holes on jewelry casting.

For jewelry repairing (reforming, casting, welding)

b. Electronic Industry:

For welding enameled wire or enameled wires and leading-out wires welding, electric motor brazing

For welding LED wafer

For flame-treating circuit board welding

For thermoelectric couple and platinum resistor leading wires welding

For musical instrument welding and brazing

For Air-conditioner & refrigerator brazing

c. Medical Industry:

For welding metal fittings and mending sand holes in dentistry

For no-carbon flame disinfection or glass seal

d. Laboratory:

Providing convenient, safe and clean oxy-hydrogen flame

Quick and fine polishing for acrylic (organic glass), solving problems that grinding wheel cannot achieve.

e. Others:

For welding or heat treating small metal parts

Automobile exhaust pipe brazing

Fishhook welding

Storage battery tinplate welding

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