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10 advantages of fiber laser marking machine

May 5th, 2016

Fiber laser marking machine mainly consists of four parts: fiber laser, galvanometer scanning system, computer control system and the worktable. As one of best laser marking machines, it has 10 advantages than common products.

fiber laser marking machine

1. Glass fiber has low manufacturing cost, mature technology and small, intensive;

2. Glass fiber optic does not require strict phase matching that of the incident pump like crystal, which is due to the glass substrate Stark splitting caused by non-uniform broadening caused by a wide absorption band's sake;

3. Glass material has a very low volume area ratio, fast heat dissipation, low loss, so its conversion efficiency is high and lasing threshold is low;

4. Multi-wavelength laser output;

5. Tunable;

6. Adjustment-free, maintenance-free and high stability advantages;

7. Fiber export, to make the design of the mechanical system becomes very simple;

8. Competent poor working conditions, it has a high tolerance for dust, vibration, shock, humidity, temperature;

9. Not thermoelectric cooling and water cooling, but air cooling simply.

10. High electro-optical efficiency

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