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2 prevention of fiber laser marking machine

April 16th, 2016

I tell you something about fiber laser marking machine here. I hope that you can get benefits in some aspects.

1. Prevent fiber breakage

Between the pumping source laser systems and the laser head, fiber system are connected. Users in the use or during transport shall ensure that the fiber bending diameter greater than 300mm. Fiber fracture and severe bending laser systems will lead not work properly.

2. Prevent dust pollution

Power supply and laser head optical access port in a state not connected to the optical fiber must be installed with the system to provide protective cover to prevent dust contamination inside the external optical elements.

Optical fiber in a state not connected to the power supply and laser head, you must install the protective cover provided with the system to prevent the fiber end contamination. Installation will not cover internal optical components and fiber end face contamination, will cause the entire fiber laser marking machine is not working properly, and invalidate the warranty.

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